NEW LOCATION!! Join us for classes at the Water Falls Racquet and Tennis Club (located on Cascades Circle). See our
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Matworks Yoga utilizes exercises such as gentle stretching, breathing, meditation and guided relaxation. The body in turn benefits in many ways. For example easing of body tension and calming of the nervous system and emotions. Focus, attention and concentration are promoted by a yoga practice of mindful movement and body awareness.

The practice of balancing postures, in particular, builds concentration. Holding yoga postures creates isometric exercise which tones every part of the body, including the internal organs. Yoga exercises the glands, organs and endocrine system, massaging, toning and increasing circulation to stimulate, heal, and eliminate toxins from the body.

Yoga postures gently stretch the muscles in the body, increasing the flexibility and lengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Slow, gentle movements with deep breathing energize the body rather than tire it. This, in combination with yoga’s relaxation and healing benefits, allows daily renewal and nourishment of the body-mind-spirit.

Within our studio, you will a find a class to suit your each and every need.